Sol Kingsmen is a collection of 6,969 uniquely generated (#Solana-based) NFT collectables within a royal guild. Brace yourselves as we revolutionize the NFT space hand in hand with our community. Participate in our long-term vision as we will go down in history by blessing individuals with an opportunity of a lifetime!


The Sol purpose behind our collection is to engrave our existence into history by encapsulating our NFTs into glass
bottles, then dropping them into the open waters to roam for years. A number of individual cold wallets
holding one BTC will be placed randomly within the 6,969 bottles. Our mission is not only to bring
multiple opportunities to our community members(holder or not); but, also to inspire our members
to pursue their dreams. Regardless of who you are, you can make history. Furthermore, we
will be donating over $100,000 to the #Teamseas foundation in consideration
of sending our NFTs into the oceans.

Further your cashflow

♛ Royalties
♛ Staking
♛ Owning three or more KingsMen grants you access to $KGOLD ICO

Creating History

♛ We will be scattering 6969 bottled NFTs some carrying cold wallets holding 1 Bitcoin(BTC). These bottles will be dropped in 3 different phases across various parts of the ocean.
♛ Establishing a digital HQ (Head Quarters) in Decentaland(MANA) and The Sandbox's metaverses.

Opportunity Calls

♛ IRL Easter egg events(anyone can participate in, holder or not)
♛ Public voting for numerous charity donations(excluding TeamSeas)
♛ Exclusive access to digital events(only for holders)
♛ Holder channel via discord(Offering high-quality market analysis and call outs)



"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."
Join us on our journey...

0% Get Suited (Pre-Mint)

✔release trailer
✔Website public launch
✔Testing our servers to ensure no technical difficulties
✗Commencment of numerous collaborations(marketing & charity)
✗Distributing 969 white list spots
✗Listings on secondary Solana markets(In progress)

25% The Emergence of the Guild (Post-mint)

-Giveaway winners will be contacted and airdropped their rewards
-Sweeping the floor of our NTFs to increase trading value (FLOOR PRICE)
-Expanding our marketing via well-established influencers
-Venturing Decentaland and The Sandbox's metaverses to set our HQ(Head Quarters)

50% Good things come to those with patience

-Website Update v2
-Preparation for our guild members to stake will begin (testing our staking pools)
-$100,000 donation towards TeamSeas Ocean Cleanup fundraiser
-Hosting majority rule voting events for charity donations (only holders will be able to vote)
-KingsGold tokenimcs release (majority of royalties will be used to support the token's success)

75% We believe that one should live a passive life(income included)

-Website Update v3
- $KGOLD’s public release
- Holders will now be able to stake their NFT(s) in exchange for $KGOLD via our website (stakers can choose to claim their earnings daily or let them compound)
-Expanding our community by hosting gaming tournaments, throwing parties & events on our metaverse plots, also arranging community competitions. All events will be available to the public (1st place 100sol, 2nd place 50sol, 3rd place 25sol)

100% Modern Day History

- Implementation of rarity bot on discord
- We will begin our mission by scattering our bottled NFTs in numerous spots throughout the pacific ocean. Having them roam the oceans, possibly washing up centuries from now. Our legacy, holders, and community will live on for many years to come, likely to be displayed in the museums of the future!!
- We will be reaching out to big charity organizations to host collaborative events spreading awareness across the NFT space, as well as in the real world.
- More events, and opportunities to come with roadmap 2.0

Roadmap 2.0

Coming Soon

Our Team








Co-Founder/Community Leader


There are a total of 6,969 KingsMen within the Guild! Mint of the KingsMen will occur towards the end of July 2022. Following Mint, we will release our staking and $KGOLD

The Guild consists of SolKingsmen Holders; individuals prepared to set their foot into being a part of history, having their NFT roam the oceans for years

No, our team has chosen to stay anonymous as it stands for what we represent. We aim to inspire and motivate, as individuals before developers. Our complete team is driven by one goal, to go down in history! The motive behind this vision is to represent that any regular individual can aspire and achieve when driven by a goal, even as crazy as going down in history for something great…

Head to any respectable and safe exchange (Coinbase, Binance, FTX) and grab yourself some Solana. Please note you'll need slightly over mint price to ensure you can cover transaction fees. Set yourself up with a Solana wallet; fund your wallet with Sol, and connect your Solana wallet to our website. Now, you are suited up and ready for mint!